Pro Profile pic - Copy123A writer living and working in Toronto, Canada.

Craig started his career as a script reader in New York but soon re-located back to Toronto as a Story Editor at Buck Productions where he worked on scripts that would premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. After that, he joined the Cinemavault team as head of the acquisition department evaluating scripts and features for international distribution. Leaving the film world, he followed his passions into video games where he worked as a writer for licenses properties such as Smurfs and Shrek for Capcom’s mobile games. During this time he flexed his sci-fi and dark comedy muscles with the release of MW1 and The Girl With Me In The Parking Lot on iTunes. Throughout these years he’s turned out imaginative short stories and interactive fiction.

Craig is always looking for an opportunity to team up with great project directors who need creative writing help on their games, apps or video content.

What game is he playing right now? God of War by Sony Interactive Entertainment

What app is he addicted to? Reigns by Devolver Digital

What book can’t he put down? Welcome To The Universe by Neil deGrasse Tyson

What show is he binging? The Handmaid’s Tale by Hulu