In the distant future, humanity is being driven out of the Milky Way by an unappeasable alien force. Facing defeat, a select few from the MW1 spacestation are sent on a diplomatic mission to beg for the lives of billions. But are each of them willing to make the sacrifices that will be asked of them to save us all?

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TheGirlWithMe The Girl With Me In The Parking Lot

Erin has always been a bit on the anxious side and played it safe. Between juggling a family, work, his aging looks and a house he can’t afford, it seemed like a smart move. But after a week that changes everything, his mind starts to let loose.

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Based on the Starcraft universe.

A marine escorts an infected Ghost operative back to base after a mission gone wrong.

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Blood Brothers

A group of young friends believe a crime spree with bring them closer together but how will it begin?

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